DENON DBT 3313UD Black

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DENON DBT 3313UD Black

DENON DBT 3313UD Black

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Plays Blu-ray Discs,

DVDs, CDs, and Other Media

Enjoy movies, TV series, and a variety of other media with the Denon DBT-3313UDCI Universal Audio/Video Player from Denon. The DBT-3313UDCI can play virtually all popular disc formats, including Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs, Super Audio CDs, and DVD-Audio discs. This player offers 1080p/24 video output for exceptional quality and is 3D capable. Multiple connection options include Denon's AV Pure Direct mode, which features dual HDMI outputs, allowing individual HDMI video and audio connections to your HDTV and to your A/V receiver or surround processor.


Optimal Audio and Video

Quality with Denon Link HD

For the purest audio reproduction, the DBT-3313UDCI features the Denon Link HD system, which is an additional port that connects to a compatible Denon A/V receiver (sold separately). This feature separates out the timing data from the HDMI stream, allowing the receiver to re-clock the data with maximum precision, eliminating distortion-causing jitter for pristine sound quality. A Denon Link HD cable is included.


Stream Online Video

to Your Home Theater System

Using the DBT-3313UDCI, you can stream videos from online services such as Netflix, VUDU, Hulu, and YouTube to your home theater system. (Video service subscriptions are sold separately.) You can also take advantage of the USB port on the front to share digital music, videos, or photos stored on a USB drive.


Sturdy Construction

for Quiet Performance

Sporting a solid cabinet, large footprint, and sleek black finish, the DBT-3313UDCI is made to match other Denon home theater system components. Because it contains no fan, it's virtually silent. A fully shielded drive mechanism suppresses internal and external vibrations and electromagnetic noise.

This player also loads and begins playing discs 20 percent faster than Denon's previous model.



Remote Control

Included with the player is an intuitive remote control featuring glowing cursor and operation keys and direct-access buttons for online video services. You can also use the remote to operate a Denon A/V receiver. Denon also offers a free remote app you can download to control the DBT-3313UDCI using your iPhone, iPad, or Android-based device. (An HDMI connection between the DBT-3313UDCI and a 13' series Denon network AVR is required.)

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